Hi! We're artists too!

Hello! We are Harry Layman and Kathy Copeland and we welcome you on our artisan journey!

We started our journey as resin and glass artists and we took a very similar path as most handmade businesses, hitting the craft shows and farmers markets. We tried all the things that crafters and artists are expected to try! Etsy, websites, craft shows, art shows, and boutiques!

Before we knew it, we were spending more time tweaking our online store and websites, trying to build a social media following, designing our packaging, shipping orders, and other 'business' work, that we couldn't do our art anymore! We never could quite scale our business to find profitability and work/life balance as artists.

What we really wanted was someone to work with us on things we weren't ready to tackle as artists. Things like packaging, marketing and branding, automation and inventory, distribution and shipping, event promotions and all the things that took so much of our 'art' time away from us!

And so began Artisan Market & Studio! Over the years, we met enough artists who wanted the same things and needed the same help. So, we conceived of a business 'hub' for artisans.

Artisan Markety and Studio is a place where it was not only fun to shop and see all the things that these amazing artisans make, but also a place where artists could support and learn from each other, show and teach their fans a new craft, and ultimately, a place where they can grow their businesses confidently.

In 2021, we started testing out our approach on a pop-up market. We tuned the approach and found a good location for us in 2023 and now, we're growing our membership focused on our core principles.

We are artists too and so we know what it takes to try and make a business out of your art, craft, or other handmade pursuits. There are many hats that you are required to wear but we think the most important one is MAKER! Your hands do the making and so our mission is to free up your hands so that you don't have to worry about all the other stuff!

We'll setup your inventory and sell your products for you. We'll promote you on social media and live streaming. We'll travel to the Farmers Markets and local events so you don't have to! Ultimately, we'll help you build raving fans so that the next time you bring us new stuff - your fans will be eagerly lined up and signed up to purchase!

Harry & Kathy

We are dedicated to helping artists and makers focus on what they do best - make stuff!


Artisan Market Core Principles

We Celebrate Making!

We definitely want our shoppers to have the best shopping and buying experience! However, we are also strong believers in the joy of making and we strive to share that joy with all of our shoppers and artists alike! That's why we will always feature a 'make and take' at our events and we'll always offer artist demonstrations and hands on workshops. That's just how we roll!

Artists don't have to starve!

Often the concept of a starving artist is synonymous with any pursuit in art and we strive to flip that perception so that all our artists have what they need to build profitable businesses. Our mission is to help them scale their businesses so that they can operate in the black, not the red. That's why we offer so many ways for our members to have their creations seen - so they can create raving fans! And, when they succeed, we succeed!

Be Super Humans

We believe that it not only takes superhuman efforts to build a business in the handmade industry, but it takes super humans too! We strive to put our communities first, help those that are in need, and most importantly give back and support our local businesses because we're all stronger together!

34 Catoctin Circle SE Suite D

Leesburg, VA 20175


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