From Backyard to Boutique

We are passionate about helping small local businesses launch successfully! Whether just starting out or expanding into multiple locations, our Artisan style market paired with the services we provide to our vendors means small local businesses can focus on the pursuit of perfecting their craft while we help them build a scalable business with raving fans.

The Social Making Experience

Looking for something different to do this weekend? Do you love making things as much as we do? We have created a full catalog of workshops and DIY classes that you can choose from for any occasion. Whether you're looking to learn something new from an expert artist or just hang with some friends for a fun night, our workshop is always buzzing with something fun to do! Checkout the Workshop schedule for all the details and come take advantage of our fully catered events!

Backyard to Boutique - an entrepreneur's journey to becoming self-made

Entrepreneurs have to wear many hats

and we're here to help!

We know what it means to be an entrepreneur in this hand made industry. There are many hats that you are required to wear but the most important one is MAKER! Your hands do the making and so our mission is to free up your hands so that you don't have to worry about all the other stuff! We'll setup your inventory in the store and sell your products for you. We'll promote you on social media and live streaming. We'll help you build raving fans so that the next time you bring us new stuff - your fans will be eagerly lined up and signed up to purchase!

Made Local | Made by Hand | Made with Love | Made for You | Made By You

Workshops & Studio Schedule